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TABLE2CSS is an HTML optimization and SEO tool that can:

  • Automatically replace HTML table layouts with completely table less HTML and CSS code.
  • Automatically replace deprecated HTML tags like FONT and CENTER with modern CSS code (a total of 25 obsolete HTML tags are recognized and replaced with CSS code).
  • Decrease the size of your HTML pages by replacing inline CSS code with external CSS rules
  • Reformat your HTML code and fix common HTML coding mistakes like overlapping HTML tags, unclosed HTML tags, etc.
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I have a tendency of creating some very large tables and this software allows visitors to see my tables load very quickly, usually less than 1.5 seconds. Without Table2CSS, my page load times could be as high as 7 seconds or longer. Research has shown that the average web surfer will back out of a webpage if it takes 4 or more seconds to load. So I'm thankful that you guys created this awesome software; otherwise, I would lose traffic and revenue. - Douglas Jones,
I have to tell you, this is the best software package I have ever purchased. And I have been in the business for 26 years. Thanks for a job well done. - Jim Perdue,
This software is well worth the money and I am amazed of how powerful this is. It's 120% fantastic plus the service you gave me was A1. - Mark Tawney, professional website design
Used your software to make a CSS Tutorial. Marvelous! Simply marvelous. - Denny Lancaster,
But what to do with the millions of pages with HTML-only formatting already online? How do you acquire that Forward Compliance? Re-code whole sites from scratch? Man, that could take forever AND an eternity! Look! The Super CSS Saviour! - The Machine e-zine featuring Table2CSS